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The Regatta Bay Way

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The Regatta Bay Way

Article published by The Regatta Bay Way describing an interview with store owner, Ashleigh.

"I really enjoy working with couples shopping for engagement rings. It is always my goal to create the dream ring."

Ashleigh Woolly has always been attracted to jewelry. In fact, her passion was realized even more so at age 16 when she started working in a jewelry store. “I was immediately drawn to how you get to work with clients when they are celebrating!” Ashleigh recalls. Now, 20 years later, she still feels lucky to be able to help her clients celebrate the happiest time of their lives.

It wasn’t until 2018, in her early 30’s, that Ashleigh decided to open her own store. Beyond Measure Jewelers has a showroom full of fine jewelry and offers on-site jewelry and watch repair, and insurance appraisals. Ashleigh’s favorite part of the business is creating custom design pieces, and added that anything people can dream up, Beyond Measure Jewelers can bring to life. “I really enjoy working with couples shopping for engagement rings. It is always my goal to create the dream ring,” Ashleigh shared.

She recalls a client who was expecting a baby and asked Ashleigh to design a ring that would feature a pink sapphire if it was to be a girl or a blue sapphire if it was to be a boy for the gender reveal party. “I was the only one who knew until they opened the box!” Ashleigh said.

Ashleigh explained that the name Beyond Measure comes from the expression "blessed beyond measure" or "loved beyond measure" and likes to use the tag line jewelry for a love beyond measure". Ashleigh thinks it might be kind of cheesy, but she and her husband have always said "love you beyond measure" and so it came to be their store name.

Beyond Measure Jewelers has four staff members in addition to Ashleigh. One of them has a pretty sweet schedule and comes and goes as he pleases. He’s really cute, so Ashleigh keeps him around. “Guy is my five-year-old Shih Tzu. He works the early morning shift usually.  He likes to keep pretty short hours though,” she laughed. We love having people bring their dogs in the store - we are very dog friendly!” Ashleigh added.

When asked the reason for the success of Beyond Measure Jewelers, Ashleigh immediately responded with “passion and gratitude. I truly love what I do, and I find myself excited to come to work, every day. I tend to find that the more you are grateful, the more there is to be grateful for,” Ashleigh stated and added that starting a new business a year before a pandemic certainly wasn't easy and she is grateful that her business continues to thrive.Thank you, Destin, for supporting this small business!” Ashleigh said appreciatively.

Like many people, Ashleigh loves Destin. She knew she wanted her business to be in a place that would be easily accessible to not only locals, but vacationers as well, so Destin was the perfect choice.

You can visit the store at 4489 Commons Drive West in Destin or find Beyond Measure Jewelers online at


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